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Masters of camouflage

Can you spot me? A snow leopard looks for prey in the Himalayas

That act’s getting a bit wooden: This Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko is a master of disguise in Montagne dAmbre National Park , Madagascar

Stop mossing around: A Katydid blends into foliage in Costa Rica

Stick with it: There’s a Leaf Frog in there somewhereAmong the other images is a Sandhopper which has kicked red desert sand over its body to protect itself and a Speckled Sanddab fish which blends into the pebbled ocean floor.
A male Shale Grasshopper also mimics the stones it sits on.

It has eyes! A Vietnamese Mossy Frog is perfectly adapted to his surroundings

Where did he go? The Great Potoo hides in a tree in Brazil as it searches for food

Double act: A pair of Glass Frogs shelter in foliage at Manu National Park , Peru

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