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Alluring Wood Paintings of Beautiful Women at Sea

New York-based artist Zofia Bogusz explores the realm of feminine beauty and strength through her painted and illustrated portraits on wood. Working primarily with oil paints, graphite, and colored pencils, the artist depicts realistic renditions of vibrant women against the abstract woodgrains of her chosen medium. The juxtaposition offers an interesting aesthetic to each portrait. Additionally, Bogusz often incorporates other natural elements like water.

In her series titled Sea Salt, the multi-faceted painter draws inspiration from her love of nature's waves. It is her artistic ode to the sea. As a surfer herself, Bogusz is able to express her fondness for the sea through her alluring subjects, who are each composite creations of various beautiful women that grace the covers of fashion magazines. In a way, it's as though her created models are calling the viewer into the deep seas with them. 


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